Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lucy, now

Slim and trim, 65 pounds.... here's where I have to give props to Royal Canin. I started her on Weight and Osteo in January last year, and cut her food intake to about a cup and a half a day. The first couple days she gave me the puppy dog eyes and insisted I was starving her to death. She put up with the fat jokes at work, and we started hitting the beach for fetch in the water pretty much daily. Five months later, she finally reached her fighting weight, and the difference was incredible!

At her fat weight, she would get winded just running up and down the yard a couple times. It was a struggle just getting up, and she would lay around the house and pant for no apparent reason. Short runs would leave her stiff and half lame... i even thought about putting her on Rimadyl!

Now she's a puppy again. 25 pounds later, and she is running laps around her old self. Get the weight off. Totally worth it. YOU are responsible for what your dog eats. Don't look at me like I'm crazy when I tell you your dog is fat. Been there. Done that. Good night.

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