Friday, March 4, 2011

PFC Day 2: Merrick "Grammy's Pot Pie" 5-Star Entrees for Dogs

Hi again. Back to it. Shoulda had the dog food first, then the Haagen Dazs. The Dulce de Leche is arguably one of the finest ice creams available- subtle in its sweetness, supple and delicate on the tongue...

The Merrick offering reminds me at first glance of Beneful, which I have not had the pleasure of sampling. This stuff is dry and crunchy, and has a light and crisp consistency. It consists of tiny kibble bites in three variations- one brown, one whitish, and one green. The brown are pretty much as expected, though these have a heavy and almost overcooked protein flavor under the fiber consistency. Certainly not much to my liking this time, though I again think the ice cream may have something to do with this and intensifying the flavor a bit. The whitish bits are mild and almost corn flavored, and the green ones have the flavor of, you guessed it, fibrous peas. Yes, peas. I can actually taste it, and it imparts a kinda pleasant flavor to the mix. For a dog food, not a bad impression of pot pie.

Clifford says: mmmm.... now we're talking. Skip the Purina, and gimme some pot pie! Tell mom I can taste the veggies!!!!

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  1. I'm interested in hearing more about the dog food challenge...have you given up?