Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pet food challenge! Day 1: Platinum Natural Chicken and Rice Dry

More a semi-moist than a dry, this food has a firm consistency and a dark brown color. 70% whole chicken, and no animal "byproducts", I had high hopes for this offering. The representative told us how this food is made from whole chickens, roasted at just below boiling for 16 hours. Or was it 18? 22? Some very long roasting time, anyway. I was assured that this was pure nutrition. They even had a nifty display with several foods in jars with the same amount of water added that morning. This stuff doesn't swell with water like regular kibble, and gets a fun fatty layer floating at the top of the jar.

In short, this stuff tastes like dog food to me. Thinking back on my experience as a three year old sharing kibble with our Great Dane, I recall a fibr flavor. Kiinda grainy, but mostly dry, kinda tasting like hay smells. Doesn't conjure up great ntrition in my mind, in any case. Well, that's where we are with this one. Not bad for flavor exactly, but certainly not vibrant and savory. Second bowl? No thanks. I didn't finish the first one.

Clifford says: serve this on top of my Purina. Higher in protein, sure. Enhanced nutrition, you bet. I'm not picky. Bring on the dog food that tastes like dog food. Yum, another meal in paradise.

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